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Look 3 - Alyssa

- Divide the hair diagonally in the back to the very left side.
- Prepare the hair with Paul Mitchell® Round Trip® to increase curl and shine.
- Section a triangular shape offset from the highest point of the crown to the tip of the eyebrow.
- Partition the hair from ear to ear in a zigzagged line.
- Divide the remaining hair into 2.5 cm sections and spray on Paul Mitchell® Hold Me Tight™ Finishing Spray.   Following weave a zigzag partition into the hair with the help of large hairpins. Seal the edges.
- Smooth over the zigzagged section with Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ Express Ion Style® 1.0 to seal the waves and   then let the hair cool off before removing the hair pins. Place the sections in an offset manner to smudge the edges   so that no dividing line is visible.
- Spray Paul Mitchell® Hold Me Tight™ Finishing Spray over the sections above the ears.
- Take 2.5 cm wide horizontal sections and wrap these around the Paul Mitchell® Express Ion Curl™ Iron 1.0. Once   you reach the upper triangle, continue to curl the 2.5cm wide sections but twist the strand in a way to assure that   all curls will have the same direction.
- After everything has cooled off sufficiently, spray on Paul Mitchell® Hold Me Tight™ Finishing Spray and brush it   with the Sculpting Brush 413.
- Now shape the hair with Paul Mitchell® Dry Wax and use clips to keep it all in shape.
- For a finishing touch spray on Paul Mitchell® Extra Body Finishing Spray and remove the clips.
Collection: Innocent Naturalness
Photo & Copyright: Paul Mitchell