Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Looks 1 & 2 - Eva

- Draw a middle partition and prepare the hair with Paul Mitchell® Quick Slip™ to give it structure and shine.
Special long hairstyle with loops - Smooth out individual small sections with the Paul Mitchell® Express Ion Style® 1.0.
- Spray Paul Mitchell® Spray Wax™ on your hands and work it into the hair.
- Place a hairnet horizontally around the head and pin it to either side.
- Use a crochet needle to pull the hair through the net and to create loops that are positioned all around the head.
- Spray on Paul Mitchell® Extra Body Firm Spray™ and let it set until dry.
- Carefully remove the hairnet and use Paul Mitchell® Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray for the perfect finish.
Collection: Innocent Naturalness
Photo & Copyright: Paul Mitchell