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Three distinct looks and easy changes with great effects are demonstrated in this collection of flowing, modern hairstyles by Paul Mitchell.
  • red free flowing hair
  • twisted red hair
  • boy with curls
  • male hairstyle with side bangs
  • professional look for hair
  • blue streaks for blonde hair
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Hair reaches its beautiful potential with the right nourishment and styling. The unpretentious cuts seen in these examples direct the emphasis on the structure, color and shine of the hair.
The looks are versatile and can be modified to a totally new expression in just a few easy steps. A different direction or a dab of intense color and do magic!
Copyright: Paul Mitchell
Stylists: Madlen Wenerski, Linda Tan, Peter Hartmann, Damian Tworuschka, Alina Fröde
Make-up: Renato Mihalic
Fashion: Anja Gockel
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