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Irrésistible by Franck Provost

Franck Provost likes women. Whether romantic, charming, sexy, flirtatious, trendy or classic. His passion lies in revealing each woman's inner beauty. Every season, he innovates new trends to enhance their style and makes them look irresistible.
  • smooth shoulder-length bob
  • wavy shoulder-length bob
  • shoulder-length tumbling curls
  • curly bob
  • icy curls hairdo
  • interlaced hair
  • finger-dried curls
  • wavy shoulder-length blond hair
  • long point cut hair
  • natural style for long hair
  • short hair with longer length at the back
  • tapered style for short hair
  • bob for hair below the shoulders
  • point cut men's hairstyle
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This summer, hair is glamorous and light, for a natural look. Clean lines, radiant and sunny colours, styles that can be adapted to suit your mood are the key themes for this long-awaited season!
video Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost
Make-up: C. Willer
Styling: F. Blanc
Photos: A. Award
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