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Six Figures by Paul Mitchell

It is somewhat ironic that Paul Mitchell's famous brand of hair products comes encased in black and white packaging, born out of poverty to cut the costs of a shaky start to his business which almost periled under bankruptcy, as the hairdressing genius, who had the vision to provide tools of success for hair care professionals and educators, collection "Six Figures", is defined by its outstanding use of color.
The collection boasts a blend of jet black, subtle auburns, infused by striking reds and gracious grays, all encrypted onto a collection of stunningly asymmetrical, essentially short hair styles, bringing to life what Paul Mitchell revolutionalized with his method of hair styling - sculpturing the hair.
  • blunt short bob
  • short gray hair
  • stylish haircut for men
  • male 1950s hairstyle
  • straight short bob
  • monk-like hairstyle
  • asymmetrical fringe
  • short cut for wavy hair
  • short hair with height
  • two-tone hairstyle
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Inspirational and cutting edge hair have always been a standard feature behind Paul Mitchell's achievements, and "Six Figures" is no exception, as this collection of innovatory hair cuts and inventive colors reflects the passion, originality and freshness associated with the hairdressing maestro.
In short, Paul Mitchell's "Six Figures" is a passionate concoction of short, dramatic, and vibrant hairstyles, combining natural style with urban chic.
Photos & Copyright: Paul Mitchell
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