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Catherine Deneuve Style

Styles like this are what hair is made for. Full volume in voluptuous curves frames her face in a golden shine that brings back memories of some of the greatest movies ever made and their iconic heroine. La Belle du Jour still thrills today with a style that does not follow but sets and dominates trends.
Long top hair and just a few shaping layers in the lowest part together with a golden color and balayage highlights are the base of this luscious look that gets its final shape through the brushing of long locks and a finishing touch with some shine serum. Soft volume with much lift at the roots is the secret to the perfect look.
video Collection: Spring/Summer 2010 Hairstyles
Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano, Leo Costa
Make-up: Tânia Carvalho assisted by Cátia Mendes
Photography: Pedro Pacheco
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