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Homage to Liz

This type of hair turned opulence has bedazzled the fans of Liz Taylor for decades and it is still one of the hottest hairstyles out there for women of all ages. The rounded volume consists of large curls in a layered cut with a side fringe.
The shape of the cut distributes the sheer mass of hair evenly with its widest point at about eye-level. Slightly tousled and bathed in a deep dark copper with golden effects, this look is and will always be one the top knock-out styles.
video Collection: Spring/Summer Hairstyles
Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano, Leo Costa
Make-up: Tânia Carvalho assisted by Cátia Mendes
Photography: Pedro Pacheco
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