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Pigtails for Little Girls

It's an iconic image as the "pretty little girl in pigtails". And below a certain age it is almost expected that pigtails will be worn. However, these pigtails have a lot more "oomph!" than traditional pigtails. They likely start with at least wavy hair, that's probably shoulder length.
The front edge of the forehead is parted off-center, and the hair is gathered into two separate tails at the rear corners of the head. Curl is added to each tail, followed by careful backcombing to increase the volume, without making the hair too fuzzy. The finished tails resemble bunnies’ tails more than pigs’, but are no less cute for that fact.
Hairstyles for children
Little girls hairstyle with pigtails
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Collection: Kidz Rock
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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