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Sara's look is one that while beautiful, can be deemed a little angular. The jawline is squared and the chin is pointed. The long, layered cut shown here, works in her favor because it features curves in the areas that might normally be blocky and angled normally. The highlight/lowlight pattern in the hair's straight styling forms a radial effect, which creates the impression of roundness without being too dramatic about it.
The layers are styled at the lower portions of the hair to flare slightly outward, which helps to give the impression of softness, and breadth to the chin and lower jaw. The neutral tones reinforce the softness and subtlety of the style leaving the eyes as the only element to stand unobscured.
Collection: Illusionist
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Haircut and Haircolor: Rene Antonio
Makeup: Louis Garcia
Wardrobe Stylist: Emma Cali
Photography: Michael Beck
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