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Lauren is a beautiful young woman with a long, graceful, swan-like neck, yet whose forehead is a little shallow. This layered bob with the elongated sideburn and tapered forward perimeter edge features a fringe that curves gently and rises above the brow bone. This has the benefit - when combined with the soft, smooth styling, and the fine-grain highlight effects in the rich coppery tones - of making the forehead appear longer, thanks to the vertical focus of the styling and color pattern.
The cut is precise, and the styling is equally precise - of necessity. The foreground length grants an added benefit to the face in that it makes the face appear slightly longer, and thus prevents the neck from looking too exaggerated and gangly.
Collection: Illusionist
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Haircut and Haircolor: David Steiner
Makeup: Louis Garcia
Wardrobe Stylist: Emma Cali
Photography: Michael Beck