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With our next face, belonging to the lovely Kristen, the lower half of the face seems longer, heavy and out-of-balance with the rest of the head. But this long, razor-cut style features a crisp, gently-curved fringe and sleek, smooth tapering along the sides of the face. When combined with the pale, high-contrast highlighting, and sleek-straight styling, the effect it creates balances the face beautifully.
The length of the style makes the face appear more balanced vertically, since the classic version of this cut stops at the top of the shoulder. But the fringe, with its radial pattern of highlights draws focus to the eyes and makes the upper section of the head appear broader and therefore more in balance with the width of the lower half of the face.
Collection: Illusionist
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Haircut and Haircolor: Rene Antonio
Makeup: Louis Garcia
Wardrobe Stylist: Emma Cali
Photography: Michael Beck
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