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Intermède - in English, Interlude - a term typically referring to time and temporal relationships, and periods of transition in between other stages. In this collection, the relationships are perfected. In the Autumn-Winter season the Intermède collection brings together conflicted elements into complementary juxtaposition: mid-long or short, natural or smooth, diffuse or precise.
  • gamine short hairstyle
  • semi-short hair with movement
  • bed-head hair
  • short nape haircut
  • modern man's haircut
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These looks complement the wearer, with colors that are iridescent, shiny, satiny and subtle. By combining modern lines, delicate colors and expertly-crafted textures, the Intermède hairstyles collection brings pleasure in looking beautiful.
Hairstyles: Intermède
Artistic Director: William Lepec
Make-up: Mélanie Sergeff
Styling: Jamilya Nurkaliyeva
Photography: Double Team
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