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Short Nape

Taking things a step shorter, this short haircut gives us a bob-like look with deeply textured ends. The short nape length enhances the length of the neck. The cut itself is more in the vein of a swing style with the longer forward locks and the longer fringe counter-balancing the shorter tapering in the back section. The length of the fringe and sides gives the hair a rhythm and movement that flatters the face and draw attention to the eyes.
The previous coloration is enhanced by the addition of Exclusif Eclat de Lumière as highlighting giving the color extreme depth. To achieve the finished look use a flat brush in blow-drying and apply Sérum Lissant Intermède Professionnel smoothing serum to keep the hair silky smooth.
short fashion haircuts
short red hair and black silk blouse
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Collection: Autumn-Winter 2010-2011
Hairstyle: Intermède
Artistic Director: William Lepec
Make-up: Mélanie Sergeff
Styling: Jamilya Nurkaliyeva
Photography: Double Team
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