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Gamine Cut

This gamine haircut is a short-length round cut forming a smooth, spherical silhouette. The layers are graduated and the nape area is kept shorter to emphasize the roundness of the look. The fringe is thinned with a razor-tool for softness.
To enhance the natural hair color, stylists used Exclusive Reflections Satin Irridescent color in copper brown, and Exclusif Virgule to add vibrance to the color. Styling is a simple matter of blow-dry with a round brush and a touch of Intermede Professional Smoothing Serum on the tips for definition.
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Collection: Autumn-Winter 2010-2011
Hairstyle: Intermède
Artistic Director: William Lepec
Make-up: Mélanie Sergeff
Styling: Jamilya Nurkaliyeva
Photography: Double Team
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