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Texture Collection

Paul Mitchell

Four hairstyles explore the impact of texture in Paul Mitchell's collection. Sleek lines, tousled layers, short and long curves determine the character and appeal of a look. Texture can be created with cutting techniques as well as with the styling. This collection gives us a condensed glimpse of the possibilities.
  • A-line bob
  • long curly hairstyle
  • textured long hair
  • sporty hairdo for men
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The styles are classic, expressing passion and strength. Styling and cut work with the innate qualities of the individual's hair and the texture is more than the frosting on the cake. It is an extension of the message, the flair each style has. It is tailored to each look for maximum impact.
The boldness and sensual aura of these looks are deepened by the dark colors, which range from dark espresso to black.
Photos & Copyright: Paul Mitchell
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