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Intense, natural, fashionable
Different. Simple. Free. The power of simplicity. Scandinavian girls are confident, straightforward, active and cosmopolitan. They are tough and athletic - and then again, fashionable and sexy. The magic of difference. But always authentic, simple and natural.
The hairstyles are geometric, sometimes asymmetric. Ultra-short silhouettes as playful ego trip. Hair-designs between the contradictory contexts of vulnerability and wickedness. Copenhagen's Most Beautiful Hair as relaxed, playful individualism.
Mysterious femininity: poetic and contemporary. Fashion futurism with sculptural hairstyles: the wild crown of the head is tamed minimalistically by the shortcut. Fitted pixie-style: audacious and feminine at the same time.
Excellent cutting art. Characterful styling. Women with art-appeal and absolute class. Waves and undulations accentuate the crown of the head. The look: unconventional and fashionable. Rock is Pop!
Collection: Copenhagen's Most Beautiful Hair
Hairstyle Photo: ©Intercoiffure Mondial
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