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Elongated Tendrils

While all the previous looks in this collection have used cool palettes and tones, this hairstyle shows us warmth. In fact, the style echoes the looks seen previously in many ways, but manages to add a twist that makes it unique to itself.
For instance, the basic bob cut is easily seen in the basic silhouette of this style, yet the placement of elongated tendrils along the perimeter line breaks the lines into panels, without requiring dramatic separation and contrast in the colors.
The colors are crafted in panels yet these panels have less-defined boundaries, and blend into their neighboring colors. The look manages to be soft, crisp, smooth and edgy all at the same time.
Collection: Clairvoyance
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Model: Amy Jo - natural level 7
Artistic Director: René Antonio
Hair Cut: Mark Steine
Haircolor: Terrance Renk
Makeup: Rhonda Jackson
Photography: Babak