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Curved Cutting Line

The blunt cut goes architectural in this smooth style with organic, flowing lines and satiny finished texture. The cut uses a crisp, curved cutting line along the perimeter to create a look that elongates the neck while serving as the ultimate fashion accessory. Providing a contrast and counterpoint to the smooth, organic flow of the cut is the sharply-geometric lines of the coloring pattern.
The platinum base is a canvas for a palette of triangular patterns in shades of olive, sage and chartreuse. The styling obviously focuses solely on sleek, straight texture in order to allow the color pattern to have maximum impact on the finished look.
Collection: Clairvoyance
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Model: Mischa - natural level 3
Artistic Director: René Antonio
Hair Cut: Happy Harrigan
Haircolor: Mia Liguori McHugh
Makeup: Rhonda Jackson
Photography: Babak