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Chipped-in Fringe

Here we see the other classic bob style used as the foundation of a dramatically artistic expression. The simple lines of the cut, with its chipped-in fringe and squared-off and blocky perimeter line create an abstract display of glowing panels against a jewel-toned base color.
It is a look that would certainly look out of place at the PTA, but would also cause a stir on the local club scene. Styling is simple, blow-dry with flat brush focusing on smooth volume, then use a dab of structuring paste to zhuzh the hair and add some definition.
Collection: Clairvoyance
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Model: Roxy - natural level 6
Artistic Director: René Antonio
Hair Cut: William Whatley
Haircolor: Amie Breckenridge
Makeup: Rhonda Jackson
Photography: Babak