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Highlighting Panel

The A-line bob introduced in the previous hairstyle is reworked in this look, showing that the clean, simple elegance isn't the only way to wear the look. By breaking open the highlighting panel, the stylist creates an accessory element in the hair that adds a sense of energy and excitement to the look.
The main portion of the hair is pumped to add body to the style and the foreground of the hair is given structure to form architectural elements to give visual interest and movement to the style.
It's easy to see how the variation could be taken even further, possibly by isolating the highlight panel and creating a textural element such as a spill of curl or crimped texture against the onyx backdrop.
Collection: Clairvoyance
Scruples Professional Salon Products
Model: Jessie - natural level 7
Artistic Director: René Antonio
Hair Cut: David Steiner
Haircolor: Gayle Rolstad
Makeup: Rhonda Jackson
Photography: Babak