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Asymmetrical Elegance

Curves dominate this short and sophisticated modern haircut which turned flamboyant with its asymmetrical styling. Long shiny strands flow across and around the crown in curved layers playing with the light and creating an intricate surface pattern.
On one side a very decorative long pointed section in a darker hue is curved into the face for added finesse and elegant seduction. Of course an element of surprise can't be missing and it is in the back, in the form of straight and slightly spiked hair that covers the neck.
Side views of hairstyles created sith sophisticated cutting techniques
Short hairstyle with spiked hair that covers the neck
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Collection: Angelology
Hairstyle: Michaƫl Del Bianco for XYZ
Color: Maryline Forges/Sharon Weekers/Valerie Joret for XYZ
Photo: Carl Alex
Make-up: Edith Carpentier
Styling: Giovanni Biasiolo
Production: ©XYZ Academy - Belgium
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