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Extended Glory

The play of platinum and gold, both applied in wide sections and intermingled with each other by interspersing individual strands, is just as unique as the shape of this angelic hairstyle.
The side parted sleek upper section, a basic chin length bob is a cousin of it, runs out to curiously waved and finely textured lengths that gently float around the neck and touch the shoulders.
Side views of hairstyles created sith sophisticated cutting techniques
Angelic blonde hairstyle with textured lengths
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Collection: Angelology
Hairstyle: Michaƫl Del Bianco for XYZ
Color: Maryline Forges/Sharon Weekers/Valerie Joret for XYZ
Photo: Carl Alex
Make-up: Edith Carpentier
Styling: Giovanni Biasiolo
Production: ©XYZ Academy - Belgium
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