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Light and Dark

A divine play of cool and warm hair colors, applied in wide sheets and layers takes the finesse of cut and shape to a new cosmic level. The darkest color is on the lowest layers and the hues progress from the shadowy tones to a moonburst platinum hue.
Changing textures and a combination of weightless and dense elements bring their own message to this creation of poetry and philosophy in hair.
Powerful and sophisticated hairstyles
Short hair cut with changing textures
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Collection: Angelology
Hairstyle: Michaƫl Del Bianco for XYZ
Color: Maryline Forges/Sharon Weekers/Valerie Joret for XYZ
Photo: Carl Alex
Make-up: Edith Carpentier
Styling: Giovanni Biasiolo
Production: ©XYZ Academy - Belgium
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