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"Unique" by Franck Provost

Unique is your salon Franck Provost, Unique are women, Unique will be this season with the new Franck Provost fall winter Collection. All the cuts, styles and colors are Unique because they are easy to adapt.
  • mid-length hairdo
  • medium hair styled outwards
  • dazzling hairstyle
  • dazzling hair shade
  • wild curly hair style
  • hair caressing the cheeks
  • short tousled hair
  • natural effect for hair
  • bold look with short hair
  • false wave effect hair
  • long crown hair for men
  • rugged look
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Unique is each play of light and color, which and can be customized thanks to the precious colors and three exclusive services. Glamour is natural, structured cuts are all in movement for airy lightness and daily delight.
Unique blond shades light up the scene with Balayage 2 ORS, brown shimmers in different tones with the Brun Cashmere, together with the innovative coloring technique Ambre Vénetien from the Franck Provost Salons, a new world of hair is waiting to be discovered and adapted to your own needs and wants.
video Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Styling: Sacha Sergueeva
Photos: Adel Awad
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