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Tricolor Hair

As beautiful as it is daring - a three level, short tricolor haircut that is bold in shape and in its hues. A more textured, layered crop graces the back up to the ears and then runs into a sleek layer that originates on the crown and covers the entire front in superfine shape-giving layers and a highly refined coloring technique that layers shades of berry red and coppery orange in a way that new patterns will be revealed with every move.
The back of the head is crowned by an exotic tuft in fuchsia that is slightly bowed to one side and then evenly descends until it melds with the hair that is styled very close to the head.
Short hair with fuchsia coloring
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Collection: Wiosna-Lato 2010
Hairstyle: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
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