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Fashionable Short Hair & Long with Tapering

With its gamine base shape this short hairstyle exudes a ton of captivating charm. Made for the confident and active woman who has a strong sense of fashion it cannot be missing some strong design elements, ever so subtle, that can be found in the stylish diagonal fringe, combed to overlap juxtaposed lines. Sideburns are by far not symbols of virility any more, but sensual and eye catching elements to spice up female hair.
A sleek outline with a lot of texture in its interior is a winning design. Perfectly executed with just the right amount of tapering and texturing along the diagonal sides that are framing the face, the long hair flows about a hand's width below the shoulders. Motion is key to achieve this dynamic energy throughout the truffle brown tresses.
Collection: Le Monde Bouge
Hair: Tchip