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Short Haircuts

A short haircut that wants you to play with it! Super smooth graduation and layering allows the hair to lay down sleek or to be ruffled and brought into lots of motion and texture. The easy transformation leaves the basic contour visible which is composed perfectly matching the face shape. The short and curved fringe stands out as a design element, just as the pointed sides. Again the color is a natural brown that can be enhanced with highlights or with streaks in a contrasting color.
The same short haircut is here styled to a sleek, snug fitting look, which pronounces the geometric nature of the lines. The gentle roundness of the overall shape is repeated in the fringe and very pointy side sections bring attention to the cheekbones and jaw line. The color is a touch darker and celebrates color with thin mahogany streaks.
Collection: Le Monde Bouge
Hair: Tchip
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