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Updo with a French Twist

Intricate tiny waves are the result of elaborate crimping. An effort that is worth it while looking at this artistic result of fine hair art. A balanced roll from the side shows what it's made of from a frontal view.
A French Twist is the godmother of this glamorous updo, but the direction changed from the back to the side and rolled up towards the crown. Mild highlights in light and golden blond bring energy to the muted brown base and enhance the tiny ruffles of the crimps that are created throughout the whole hair.
Glamorous updo
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Collection: Sublime Minimalism
Hairstyle: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
Dress: Ewa Minge
Make-up: Monika Kolodziej and Gabriela Gnat
Styling: Gabriela Gnat
Photography: Sebastian Szwajczak
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