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Copper Hair Color

A long hairstyle with the shape of a rare flower and the warm orange - copper color of a winter sunset may just be the right thing to heat up the colder days of the year for you. The sleek lines turn ultra luxury with their length and the gentle but oh so elegant outward curve along the tapered edge.
Just for practical reasons a small wedge is pushed aside to reveal a part of the face, but with the curtain closed the appearance reveals its full sculptural nature and the intricate shape of its style.
Copper hair color
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Collection: Sublime Minimalism
Hairstyle: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
Dress: Ewa Minge
Make-up: Monika Kolodziej and Gabriela Gnat
Styling: Gabriela Gnat
Photography: Sebastian Szwajczak
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