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Long Hairstyle with Uplifting

Just in time for festive nights of the season! An elegant bulge of the long frontal hair is just the prelude to the crescendo of long and luxurious curls, coiled to perfection right below the shoulders. The symmetry and simplicity are just as intriguing as the luscious volume and open play in contrast to the extreme control on the lifted top section.
A muted brown with broad golden highlights sets a calm and warm tone. For more free spirited moments the long hair is also stunning in its open and free flowing form, styled with a short side part and full volume.
Festive hairstyle with open and free long hair
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Collection: Sublime Minimalism
Hairstyle: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
Dress: Ewa Minge
Make-up: Monika Kolodziej and Gabriela Gnat
Styling: Gabriela Gnat
Photography: Sebastian Szwajczak
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