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Long Strand Along the Face

A picture of perfection and it even offers a different aspect of its character from each side you can look at it. While one side is styled sleek to soothe the eye with its precise line and neat finish, the other side underwent a curly treatment and was given big volume by lifting the hair on the roots and adding irregular waves and curls.
As a balance between these two extremes, one long strand along the face is used as a visual connection. Since there is already a lot of action in the hair, a mahogany red is used uniformly.
Collection: Garçonne
Hair: Richard Thompson, Colin Greaney & Darren Newton
Color: Vivica Davies and Tai Walker
Make-Up: Gemma Hodgetts
Clothes Styling: Andrew Clancey
Photography: Richie Crossley
Products: Alfaparf Milano
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