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Hairstyles Spring-Summer 2011

Spring and summer are about light and breezy looks for a lot of easy living and fun. Every one has more than one mood and so do the new hairstyles by Intermède. Three haircuts are ready to be styled to whatever the flair of the day and the personal vibe demand.
In their Spring and Summer Collection Intermède presents 10 styling variations based on the basic three haircuts in short to medium long.
  • sporty short hairstyle
  • modern look for short hair
  • textured medium long hair
  • medium long hair with loose styling
  • curled hairstyle
  • wispy short haircut
  • new look
  • windblown short hair
  • short hair styled high
  • textured bob
  • male haircut with deliberate disarray
  • boyish charm
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Texture, movement and a feel for pristine elegance while always remaining lighthearted and casual are the key ingredients. Of course the men of the world shall not be forgotten and a versatile base cut is fine tuned to fit various expressions and stylings.
Colors remain in the neutral, natural and earthy realm thus providing a soothing range of hues with subtle nuances and silken shine.
Hairstyles: Intermède
Hair: William Lepec
Color: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Sacha Sergueeva
Photography: Flaash Prod
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