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Mass of Curls

Top: Now, lest we think that the only suitable treatment of the long layers is the smooth curves, we find this arrangement that is just as alluring, just as commanding, and adds an energy that is unparalleled.
The center parting is short and placed at the forefront of the top section of the head, allowing the hair to basically burst forth and spill in a mass of curls down each side of the face. The effect is leonine, and the look is pure jungle huntress.
The result is a style that is sultry, ravishing, and dangerous, and the look says that this is clearly a woman who likes to toy with her prey.
Bottom: It's amazing how a few simple changes can dramatically alter a look. By sweeping the top section across with a hidden side-parting, the hairstyle takes on a sweeter disposition. Of course, the curls are still present en masse, but the defined tendrils forming the side-swept fringe make our vixen look more the demure goddess.
That's not to say she looks any less sultry, just that she's likely to lure you in with honey, rather than mesmerize you with her wiles.
Long hair with curls and a side-swept fringe
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Collection: Pure White
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: Luc Drouen
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmermann
Styling: Alexandra Tesson
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