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Long Princess Hair

You don't have to be born of a royal bloodline to look like you were raised in a castle. Her long hair, enhanced with hair extensions was brushed to silky smoothness. A product was used to keep the hair smooth and avoid flying hair or static. This satiny river was then directed towards one side, the wider side of the off center partition, and it gently flows down over her shoulder all the way to her waist.
The large waves are irregular enough to look effortless and natural, while some finesse was put into the hair that is closest to her face and is finely styled with a beautiful curl under her chin. A small touch like that can change the character of that many feet of hair. Imagine what it can do to hair that is shorter!
Collection: Hairstyles 2012
Hairstyle: Barbara Wuillot
Make-up: Dana Argesan
Photography: Marius Baragan
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