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Dramatic Beehive

Say it with a flower. The red roses in her hair add even more to the dramatic expression of her breathtaking upstyle. The vintage beehive influenced this bridal look and most likely operas with a strong female lead like Carmen.
Go for your happily ever after with this bold and edgy wedding hairstyle. The hair is styled as high as the hairspray, the teasing and some pins can hold it and to make it even more interesting it is arranged in a whirled direction that will sweep the lucky groom right off his feet.
With hair like this make sure your make-up can stand up to it and don't be shy with the eyeshadow. How about a red wedding dress to go with this? In China red wedding dresses are tradition and supposed to bring good luck.
Collection: Wedding Collection
Salon: New You
Hair: Martin Tyl and Lenka Walderova
Make-up: Tomas Moucka and Petra Hrehorovska
Photography: Jan Vagner
Flowers: Jan Simr, 3J Design
Jewelry: Baccarat
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