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Flower Wreath and Accent Braids

A band of small flowers wrapped around the head makes the bride look like she just stepped out of an enchanted fairy garden. What could be more romantic than this? Together with some accent braids along the sides and large daisies in her hair she mixes an appearance of innocence with the sweet seductions of her mid-back length coppery hair.
A special touch is also the curved fringe which originates at the angled side part and is made of a long strand, twirled around itself, then draped and pinned.
Collection: Wedding Collection
Salon: New You
Hair: Martin Tyl and Lenka Walderova
Make-up: Tomas Moucka and Petra Hrehorovska
Photography: Jan Vagner
Flowers: Jan Simr, 3J Design
Jewelry: Baccarat
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