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Short and Practical Summer Hairstyle

Wispy is the magic word for this fun and short hairstyle. Perfect for carefree summer days this classy and sporty haircut looks good on the beach and later for a hot night on the town. Not only is this length extremely practical in the warm season it also allows many different styling options so that the word boredom will not be a part of your dictionary ever again.
The top hair is long, reaching a bit below the eye level and the sides are layered and gradually shorter which provides nice volume and lift. Subtle highlights look as natural as if created by the sunshine and a wispy styling with lots of generous curves in the tips is just what you need to lift your mood and senses.
Practical hairstyles for long and short hair
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Collection: Spring Summer 2012
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Isshogai
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