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Round Haircut

This round haircut fits perfectly under any space helmet, but is much too pretty to be hidden. Also called a bowl cut, this vintage classic takes on an entire new aura under the creative treatment of Petra Mechurov√°. The cut is flawless with a laser sharp outline. Just a small shift of the shape rescues it from too much uniformity and lends a trendy, if ever so subtle, effect of asymmetry. In comes the color.
Take a good look, since the effect does not jump out at the first glance, but once discovered it will pull you into its spell like a black hole. Copper and a bright purple are brought together in alternating and layered strands. The contrast of the warm metallic color and the cool flowery one is breathtaking and opens up new dimensions.
bowl cut hairstyle
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Collection: Stargate
Hairstyle: Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design
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