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Medium Long Fluffy Curls

These medium long curls are as irresistible as a spoon full of freshly whipped cream. With this hairstyle it will not matter what you wear, you will be impeccable in cut off jeans or in your glamor gown. The hair has been layered in the lower inches to achieve the rounded volume with a sleeker top section.
The shape and the color look very natural and unpretentious but yet they exude this effortless, undramatic but intense chic. Darker roots to the light blonde hair give it that natural blonde feel - and who knows, maybe she really is! Make them wonder, enchant and always leave a wake of star dust behind you.
short and medium long hairstyles
short to medium long curly hairstyle
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video Collection: Petite TĂȘte Courte
Hairstyle: Tchip
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