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Exotic Upstyle

Inspired by hairstyles of the ancient and the exotic world this high up-do is a veritable eye-catcher. Elegance and effortlessness come together once again and the magic is undeniable. A high chignon rises out of a wrapped texture created by a wide and very smooth and sleek strand.
A thin veil of long fringe fibers blurs a part of her face, but it also creates a lot of sensual mystery. Revealing more than what is shown has been a successful part of seduction since time began. Her color is a natural looking blonde in a range of related nuances.
video Collection: Spring/Summer 2012
Hairstyle: Samuel Rocher Team
Hair Color: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Elodie Fiuza & Iedda Alicerces
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
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