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Soft Knot

Hot days or festive nights take an elegant turn with this twisted knot that is created out of long and very sleek hair. Once the hair was gathered to a low ponytail it was turned and bound to this exquisite chignon that sits right in her nape.
A wide strand has been left out on the side, one at the bottom part of the knot a nd another one on the opposite side. These strands should be treated with a smoothing serum to avoid any fuzzy fly away hair and they can be draped in the most enticing ways. Simple and artful, a summer treat!
hair in a knot with strands that have been left out
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video Collection: Spring/Summer 2012
Hairstyle: Samuel Rocher Team
Hair Color: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Elodie Fiuza & Iedda Alicerces
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
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