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Long and Sleek with Wave

Simplicity is luxurious and the understated is one of the major trends this year. It does not have to be plain Jane though and just a few subtle design elements raise the bar and the attraction. The long and very straight hair was blown out for ultimate smoothness and then parted just off center.
One side is slung towards the back and the ticker side rests on her shoulder, accentuated by a large, wave that runs along one side of her face. You can play with the arrangement and flip the hair forward or back, the key is the effortless and natural flow and the soft glow of the beige blonde color with its fine transitions between darker and lighter areas.
video Collection: Spring/Summer 2012
Hairstyle: Samuel Rocher Team
Hair Color: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Elodie Fiuza & Iedda Alicerces
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
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