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Wildest Curls Ever

Opulence that makes you want to scream and a red that is almost scandalous. If you do not mind being the star of the party and the center of, especially male, attention, then pump up those curls. They come in smaller and larger sizes and also as corkscrew shapes and are in different stages of dishevelling.
Tousled styles are hot again on the runway and will be everywhere else too. One of the reasons for their popularity is not just that they are super sexy and look like just slept in, they are easy to style even outside of the salon. For this specific hairstyle long layers in the hair help to distribute all of the weight of this mesmerizing, tousled mass.
Collection: Nuance
Hair: Tracey Hughes - Mieka Hairdressing
Color: Olivia Zynevych
Make-up: Sue Marshall
Fashion Stylist: Elaine Marshall
Photography: Amber Toms
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