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Huge Volume in Feathered Hair

There was a time when women had really, really big hair. It was just a few decades ago in the 1980s and we just cannot let go of it. With this high volume look, Intercoiffure blesses us with a sweet memory taken to the future and made the already big hair, even bigger. The exaggerated lines and textures are too beautiful to pass up.
All starts with a center part from which the hair falls evenly to both sides. Cut with a tapered line and long layers it can be feathered out to its glamorous and flamboyant maximum, giving her the air of a fashion queen. The color is taken right out of nature as well with an earthy bronze tone, interspersed with silver streaks that remind of the gentle mists rising from the ground on cool nights and early mornings.
how to cut a long hairstyle with movement Collection: New Zealand's Most Beautiful Hair
Hairstyle Photo: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Photography: Guy Coombes
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