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Short Haircut with Extreme Texture

  • short haircut with extreme texture
  • how to cut the hair at the back of the head
  • how to cut the hair on top of the head
  • how to trim the bangs

1. Hair cutting at the back of the head: start from the nape of the neck to elaborate layers. The section is cut right above the parting. The hair on the sides of the head is combed to the back on the lastly cut section behind the ear. This serves as reference point. Then cut. This creates a concave length distribution and the emphasis is put on the front part of the head.
2. The hair on top of the head is cut according to the same method. Finish by bringing the contour in the desired shape.
3. The very distinct bangs are cut into its striking shape section by section and without lifting them.
Collection: New Zealand's Most Beautiful Hair
Images: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Photography: Guy Coombes
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