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Classy Long Bob

One classic cut that is a true changeling. The three versions of the shoulder length bob seen in this collection are only beginning and it is up to you or your stylist's imagination where the limit is for amazing looks.
In its sleek form the bob is elegant and very timeless, styled with a lot of motion through flipped out ends and diagonal styling of the fringe, it also has a sweet retro feel. The cutting line is straight, but there is a small amount of texture in the tips and a few subtle layers are cut in front to add to the movement.
Collection: Mon Coiffeur et Moi 2
video Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Jeff Causse, Virginie Messai & Valentin Mordacq
Make-up: Anthony Preel, Yacine Diallo
Photography: Fred Aufray
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