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Wet Look for Long Hair

Show your pretty face and rocking spirit with a variation of the long, layered haircut. The top hair is simply styled to the back, giving it a good boost of volume to form a 50s quiff. The hair can be slightly teased underneath to generate some height. Strand by strand it is combed back while spraying it with a strong hold hairspray.
A cool barette can hold it in the back or you can also have it attached invisibly with pins in the color of your hair, which makes for a more elegant appearance. The narrow side sections are slicked back with gel, which gives them not only a good hold, but also a fun and once again trendy wet look.
video Collection: Mon Coiffeur et Moi 2
Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Jeff Causse, Virginie Messai & Valentin Mordacq
Make-up: Anthony Preel, Yacine Diallo
Photography: Fred Aufray
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