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Casual Waves

The same cut as in the previous photo has a new attitude when the straight lines are replaced with fun and sexy waves. This is the perfect after-the-beach hairstyle, getting you ready for a fabulous night out. The waves, if not natural, can be created with a wide barreled curling iron or thick rollers.
Slightly disheveled the haircut turns super hot. A little product can accentuate individual strands, but in this case especially, less is more and the best way to show off this look is to just let it sway in the warm wind of summer.
Collection: Mon Coiffeur et Moi 2
video Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Jeff Causse, Virginie Messai & Valentin Mordacq
Make-up: Anthony Preel, Yacine Diallo
Photography: Fred Aufray
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