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Fine Waves with Sleek Contrast

Like a great sculpture, the shape and proportion of this hairstyle is so balanced and beautiful it just makes your heart jump. The base cut is a classic bob, cut blunt and with laser precision. A side part infuses instant elegance that is taken to the stars with the addition of the beautiful retro finger waves on the dominant side.
The waves turn into finely shaped curls in the end, whose direction alternates in two layers. The face is framed on one side with the charismatic movement of the waves and stunning simplicity on the other. The rest of the hair is styled to utter straightness and even juts out in a sharp little angle in the back.
short hair with retro finger waves
vintage hairstyles
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Collection: Gatsby
Hair Design: Pierre Alexandre & Team
Fashion Stylist: Steven Spencer
Make-up Artist: Nita Malata
Photography: Rory Lewis
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