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Straight as Straws

Go for the spikes, but they don't have to point upward. Just as much fun are pointed strands that are so straight that they create a very unique shape in this layered haircut. The fringe is long, but thin enough to peek through and the face is framed with the most enchanting tapering.
This hairstyle will scare all the blues away and you are in for a round of being admired. A bit of anti frizz spray and other good products were used to separate the strands and to keep them from flying all over. With the hair being so straight the platinum highlights stand out more.
video Collection: Absolument Femme
Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: Luc Drouen
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman
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